Twam Lexical… Getting to know the vocabulary to understand better the concept

image lexiqueTravel With A Mission has its own vocabulary « twam lexical ». Dive into a lexicon with which you will soon become familiar …

TWAM : Acronym for Travel With A Mission.

Twamer : A Twamer is an individual wishing to travel while leaving a positive impact in visited communities through the sharing of a knowledge, a skill, an experience, in schools, universities, hospitals, or various associations …

For example, a Twamer may be an individual wishing to raise awareness about global warming or to promote alternative energies in schools and universities around the world. It can also be a guitarist wishing to go to hospitals to bring smile back to sick children or an individual wishing to teach first aid in community centers across the globe.

Twamhost : A Twamhost is an individual belonging to one or more institutions (school, university, french alliance, rotary club, community center, hospital …) wishing to offer an audience to a Twamer.

For example, a Twamhost may be an English teacher in a school wishing to allow its students to meet a long distance traveler. It can also be a hospital education officer wishing to receive individuals to entertain the sick and elderly or a Rotary member responsible for organizing conferences.

Twaming : Twaming is the action of travelling from one institution to another to share a knowledge, a skill, an experience. It is what a Twamer does when it meets a Twamhost, or what a Twamhost does when it receives a Twamer.

TWAM experience : A TWAM experience is an encounter between a Twamer and a Twamhost, allowing an event (conference, show, etc..).

Happy Twaming !

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